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Our Software Solutions Enable Our Clients to Concentrate on Their Business.

Our Solutions

We Build, Support, and Scale Software Solutions for the Medical Marijuana Industry.

One Step Software Solutions is a Software Development Company operating in the State of Montana. We build, support, and scale software solutions for the Medical Marijuana Industry. Our Integrated MMJ Point of Sale (IMMJ POS) system provides one step solutions for Growers, Dispensaries, and Cafes.

Our Solutions keep Our Clients Compliant with the latest State Guidelines and Regulations.


We are working with the State of Montana and other National Medical Marijuana Interest Groups to stay updated with MMJ Laws, Guidelines and Regulations.


Our Core Values

We Value Compliance, Clean Code, and Feedback.

Software must be in Compliance with specific State and Industry codes and guidelines. We make sure industry and state regulations are adhered to at all time.

We place great value on Clean Code as it is the foundation of what we do and what we provide to our clients. Clean code ensures easy vetting and auditing to make sure software is Secure and Compliant. Clean code helps troubleshooting and supports upgrading and scaling.

Feedback is priceless. Built into all our software systems is the ability for clients and their users to effortlessly provide and track feedback through varied channels.

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