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Point Of Sale and Business Compliance Solutions


Inventory POS Scan and Manage System

Make sales and monitor your inventory using Barcodes/QR Codes printed from our system. Print a batch of codes, Tag your inventory, then use our POS Scan and Manage system to make sales and manage your entire inventory. ALL IN ONE SYSTEM!


  • Tracking with Unique IDs and Barcodes/QR codes. Import current codes.
  • Print, Scan and Manage – Inventory Management & Sales Tracking
  • Fleet Delivery Tracking Systems
  • API Integration with Inventory Management and Delivery Systems
  • Document (Contract & Invoices) Scanning and Archiving for Compliance Purposes
  • Employee Time Tracking with Biometrics Integration
  • Reporting – Manage Inventory Turn Over, Sales, Profits, etc…

Online Ordering Shopping Cart Solution


Our online ordering system works very much like an online Shopping Cart. With eCommerce on the rise, everyone is familiar with online shopping. You search for a Product, Add to Cart and then Checkout. That’s how simple it is.


Depending on your Dispensary’s use case scenario, you could do one of the following, or Both:
1. Your patients Order on your website, Pay and then you Deliver their products to their door-step. OR
2. Your patients Order and then Schedule a date and time to Pay and Pickup their Order from your Dispensary.

Feature List

  • Your Products on your own Website at
  • Online Ordering Shopping Cart System – For call ahead orders or delivery orders
  • Delivery Tracking for Online or Offline Orders
  • Loyalty programs – Printed Cards, Unique ID, or Phone No…
  • Facebook and Twitter Marketing Integration

Dispensary Management Solutions

Integrated Medical Marijuana Point of Sale (IMMJ POS) System


  • Inventory & Sales Tracking
  • Patient / Customer Management
  • Add Products – Your Products on your own Website at
  • Print Product Labels
  • Order Products Online
  • Delivery Tracking for Online and Offline Orders
  • Digital Menu / Reader Board System Integration
  • Secure File and Record Storage
  • Book Keeping, Reporting – Sales, Cash In, Inventory, Patients…
  • Marketing Tools

Grower Operations Seed-to-Sale Solutions


Scan & Track System

Monitor your entire plant inventory using QR Codes/Barcodes printed from our system or import existing product codes. Print a batch of barcodes, Tag your plants, then use our Scan and Track system to scan Plant Growth and Harvesting. ALL IN ONE SYSTEM!


  • Plant Tracking with Unique IDs and Barcodes
  • Scan and Track – Growth & Harvest Tracking
  • Delivery Tracking System
  • API Integration with State Tracking Systems
  • Reporting – Total harvest, Crop Total Cost VS Profits

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