Manage Patients, Track Sales & Inventory, Scan Barcodes, Print Compliant Labels, Report to Metrc and Stay Compliant!

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Dispensary Management Solution

Manage Patients, Inventory, Metrc.


Dispensary Point Of Sale (POS)

Manage Sales, Labels, Taxes, Metrc.


Grower Operations Solutions

Manage Plants (Seed-to-Sale), Metrc.


100% Metrc Compliance

Stay Compliant with Montana State Requirements through Metrc.

Let Us Handle Compliance While You Concentrate On Your Business!

Vision & Mission

Our vision to create software that enables our clients to grow and scale without boundaries has guided us for over 30 years.

Our mission is to turn your software into a partner that helps you automate your business processes and not limit growth in any way.

Software Should Enable, Not Disable!

Our Dispensary Feature List

Check, Check and Check!

  • Your own Website at
  • POS Hardware Integration
  • Print Compliant Custom Labels, Barcodes, and Mandatory Warnings
  • Online Ordering Shopping Cart System for Patients – For pickup or delivery orders
  • Multiple Location Management
  • Real-time Inventory Tracking, Invoicing & Reporting
  • Product Delivery Tracking
  • Digital Menu / Reader Board System Integration
  • Medical Card Expiration Notifications
  • Patient Feedback & Contact System via Email and SMS
  • Patient Loyalty & Rewards Program
  • Online Marketing with Facebook & Twitter Integration
  • iPad & Android Tablet Friendly

Compliance at Our Core

We deal with Compliance so you don’t have to.

We are working with the State of Montana and other National Medical Marijuana Interest Groups. That keep us informed of updates to MMJ Laws, Guidelines and Regulations and keeps us Compliant, especially with the Metrc system from Franwell.

 There is No Success Without Compliance!

Our Growers Feature List

It’s Growing!

  • Plant Growth Tracking with Unique Plant ID and Barcodes
  • Plant Harvest Tracking
  • Handheld Scanner Hardware Integration
  • Print Compliant Barcodes, Custom Labels and Mandatory Warnings
  • Online Ordering Shopping Cart System – Let your Dispensary Clients order online and then deliver their products or schedule pickup
  • Product Delivery Tracking
  • Multiple Location / Grow House Management
  • Real-time Inventory Tracking
  • Invoicing & Reporting
  • Client Contact via Email and SMS
  • Dispensary Loyalty & Rewards Program
  • iPad & Android Tablet Friendly

Integrated Dispensary Management, Metrc Compliance, and POS Solutions.

IMMJPOS is 100% Metrc API integrated. That means you will never have to login to your Metrc account for day to day business processes, unless you need to print a manifest*.

The Print Manifest function is not allowed to be integrated and must be printed by logging into your Metrc account.

Our Customers TRUST Our Solutions!

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Our software solutions enable our clients to concentrate on what they do best – their business. We build, support, and scale software solutions for the Medical Marijuana Industry. We provide one step solutions for Growers, Pharmacies and Cafes.

Grower Operations Seed-to-Sale Solutions

  • Plant Tracking with Unique IDs and Barcodes
  • Scan and Track – Growth & Harvest Tracking
  • Delivery Tracking for Online and Offline Orders
  • Reporting – Total harvest, Crop Total Cost VS Profits…

Dispensary Management Solutions

  • Inventory & Sales Tracking
  • Patient / Customer Management
  • Add Products
  • Print Product Labels
  • Order Products Online
  • Delivery Tracking for Online and Offline Orders
  • Digital Menu / Reader Board System Integration
  • Secure File and Record Storage
  • Calendar Task Scheduling
  • Book Keeping
  • Reporting – Sales, Cash In, Inventory, Patients…
  • Marketing Tools

Online Ordering Shopping Cart Solution

  • Your Products on your own Website at
  • Online Ordering and Delivery Tracking – For call ahead or delivery orders
  • Loyalty programs – Printed Cards, Unique ID, or Phone No…
  • Facebook and Twitter Marketing Integration

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